¬ DVR Setup and Training Videos

Short videos demonstrating the installation, operation and setup of the DVR2000E+, may be view by following the links below.  Each video is about 5 minutes in length.

1) Overview 

2) Front Panel (HMI) Setup

3) Software (GUI) Setup


¬ DVR Communications Software Download

The latest versions of the DVR Communications software are now available for installation on your computer or laptop.

DVR2000E and DVR2000E+ / EC+ software are mutually exclusive - you must select the appropriate graphic below.


To begin downloading the software, click on the graphic below that matches the front panel on your regulator.


DVR 2000E+ / EC+  Front PanelDVR 2000E Front Panel


Your version of DVR2000E+ / EC+ software is displayed in the title bar when the software is running. The latest version is Marathon Electric DVR Portal 1.6.3.  It is Highly Recommended that you have the most current version the DVR Portal software installed to have access to all of the functionality in the DVR2000E+ and EC+ regulators.  Set up of the DVR 2000EC+ requires use of the DVR Portal Software.  The DVR2000E+ / EC+ Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual may be downloaded here.


The DVR2000E software is frozen at version 1.06.04.  The version number is displayed in Help | About. If you have any version prior to 1.06.04, you should install the version 1.06.04 of the DVR2000E software.  The DVR2000E Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual may be downloaded here.


If you have any questions regarding the DVR2000E+ / EC+ or DVR2000E, please contact us.